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Do you use the World-wide Web to search for and retrieve information?

I have just put out two Call for Participants PDF's.  (X-posted in academics_uk; loveandacademia)
» One is for current academics, lecturers, university researchers etc,
» The other is for current postgraduate students.

How do Postgraduate students search for information on the WWWHow do Academics and Researchers search for information on the WWWIn a nut-shell, my research involves understanding how academics and researchers go about searching for "quality" information on the World-wide Web.  My PhD is titled "The Impact of User Perceptions of Information Quality on World-wide Web Information Retrieval Strategies".  If you are an academic, university researcher or postgraduate student, please consider being a part of this user-group. You can find more information by either clicking on the relevant image (left = academics; right=Postgrad students) or the in-text links above.  The PDF documents describe the project and what being part of the usergroup entails (basically answering 4 online surveys over a period of a couple of months), and where to go to apply to be part of the usergroup.

By the way, the over-arching project that is funding this research is a joint project between 2 Australian universities and 1 European university.  We are looking at applying *quality related* algorithms to our project's Web Crawler (search engine), so that users queries result in far fewer returns than current search engines, but all of them are quality returns.  That was obviously an over-simplistic summary of 2+ years work done by PhD candidates, but you get the idea.

To register your interest in being part of either user-group, please go to and fill in the registration form.
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